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13 juin 2018

“A.O.Z Re-Boot” update! Introducing six different transformations, thanks to the “All-purpose conversion (Trance-R) system”!

New forms and uses with each transformation!


With an update on June 13th (Wednesday), Dengeki Hobby Web, in association with the highly praised and currently serialised comic “A.O.Z Re-Boot: Gundam Inle - Black Rabbit had a Dream”, shows an illustration made by Fujioka Kenki for the official spin-off “Mobile Suit Z Gundam”.

With the update, we’re shown the “All-purpose conversion (Trance-R) system, introducing new forms and uses for each new transformation.


To check out and interact for more details with the beautiful illustration by Fujioka Kenki, go on the Dengeki Hobby Web page.



▼Dengeki Hobby Web “A.O.Z Re-Boot” illustration summary



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