Somewhere in the skies beyond the stratosphere,among countless pieces of debris, there floated a particular fragment that stood out in size. It was a remnant of what was once known as

A single knight on a horse thunders across the desolate plains.
One look at the horse, and the warrior astride it, tells you there's nothing normal about either of them.
With a lust for limitless strength and bottomless ambition, he charges in search of his next chaotic battlefield.
The knight had crossed the ocean, locked swords with scores of legendary foes, and known many companions.
But even now, the simmering flame of passion within him hadn't extinguished. On the contrary, it had only grown more vivid and quietly, steadily more intense.
The knight stopped in his tracks and let his thoughts run to the stars above.
Why was it that he so longed for strength?
At times, he felt swallowed by darkness and lost sight of the path forward.

However, he never forgot the event that was the root of his desire. It always occupied a corner of his memory.
That's right.
It all began from a single encounter.
That was the moment that the flame in his heart ignited.
Hazy visions of the far reaches of space revived within his mind.
Then it happened.
A deafening roar shook his surroundings, as if something were trying to drown out all of his thoughts.
Something radiant from beyond the stars cut through the sky in a streak of light. 
He read the handwriting on the wall looking at the sky.
It was an omen that a new battle may be about to begin.
With it, the flame within him rose a level in intensity.
It was a rush, an inescapable product of the self, that filled him with a shudder.
"Shall it be?"
A gentle but undeniably powerful voice echoed throughout the barren night.

(To be continued)