No.4 "Training" No.4 "Training"

illustration : Tsukasa Kotobuki

Knight Strike Gundam has returned to Castle Camelot. Strike reports to Arthur Gundam Mk-III on the results of his investigation thus far. At the same time, he describes how he became keenly conscious of his own inadequacy during his battles.
Strike feels ashamed of himself, and a frustrated expression appears on his face.
Thus, Arthur decides to summon "someone who will provide you with martial instruction."

Liu Bei says, "Hey there! It seems you're feeling disheartened."
Liu Bei Unicorn Gundam, Zhuge Liang Freedom Gundam, and even the youthful-looking Wukong Impulse Gundam have all appeared.
Zhuge Liang says, "We heard your story from Arthur. Despite his youthful appearance, we believe that Wukong will be a good training partner for you."
Arthur adds, "Your swordsmanship is too straightforward. You need to learn more about fighting. I'll have them treat you strictly."

Facing off against the young but powerful Wukong, Strike hones his own strength in order to confront Z Clan once again.