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Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin V (Blu-ray Disc Collector's Edition)

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"The Outbreak of the One Year War, in a Blaze of Hellfire"

The “Loum Chronicle” Finally Begins, the Newly Told Origin of the Universal Century.

■LANGUAGES: Japanese (5.1ch & 2.0ch), English (5.1ch & 2.0ch)

■SUBTITLES: Japanese, English, French, Korean, Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong), Simplified Chinese

■BONUS ITEMS: Storage box illustrated by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko (32.8cm x 32.8cm) / Illustration sheet of the storage box illustration by Yasuhiko (planned to be box-sized) / Storyboards & setting art book  (400 pages planned) / Cell & Line art illustrations book (10 pages planned) / Sleeve (O-card) illustrated by Yasuhiko / Booklet featuring comic text by Yasuhiko (32 pages planned) / Staff & cast audio commentary / Special booklet (12 pages planned) / PV, TV-Commercial, Video of the salutations on stage at the screening of Episode 4.

■ADDITIONAL BONUS ITEM: For early-bird orders! (Details TBC)

episode 5  "Clash at Loum"
Universal Century 0079. Humanity has turned even space itself into a battlefield, and the Principality of Zeon forces advance after wiping out half the world's population by carrying out the Operation British (colony drop). In response, the Earth Federation Forces mobilize their overwhelming fighting strength to regain the advantage. The complex intrigues of the Zabi family... Sayla Mass, as she contends with the whims of fate... Hamon and Ramba Ral, who is now a pilot in the Zeon forces... Amuro and Fraw, leading peaceful lives at Side 7... a dark shadow falls across them all.
And the Zeon ace Char Aznable, driven by revenge, goes into action as the "Battle of Loum" finally begins.

English narration PV:  Coming soon
Japanese narration PV (subtitled in EN-CN-HK-TW-KR-FR):



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